NCIS Trivia App!

I’m building an NCIS trivia app! I’ve been working on it for 2 weeks so far!! Here’s a pic of the basic UI in sketch


Also if you want to see me build the app step by step checkout my insta story highlights

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Got the timer working!!
I used a part from the match app game!

You can build any app you want! Really it’s just figuring out what pieces (info) you need, then putting it all together like a puzzle!


Good luck, looks interesting!

Thanks so much!! I’ll post the link for bet testing on Test Flight when available!

Just paid for my Apple developer account!!!

Hoping to get my in app purchases all working and finishing touches for the app!!

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Nice! Look forward to seeing it :+1:

I got in app purchases working today!! I used Kilo Loco’s video on YouTube
and a video from Devslopes (paid course).


Submitted my project for TestFight review!! (beta testing)
Now waiting for Apple to review and I’ll be on my way to having an app in the App Store!

I’ll post the link to the beta test when available :slight_smile:

Great job! Looking forward to it!

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Officially in beta testing!!! :tada::tada::tada:

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Well done. Congratulations on making this hurdle!!

I DLed the too but since I never even watched an episode of NCIS, I did not do very well. Clueless about the answers and the app worked as expected!

Well done!


Thanks so much for testing it @FoundationSW !!
Haha that’s okay if you haven’t seen it, I just want to make sure it actually works as expected like you said!


Hey Mikaela, i tried it out too!
I’m in the same boat as Mark haha

Regarding the in-app purchases, it says that I can test it without getting charged right?

Finally, do you have any future features for it?
A suggestion: I think to make it compelling to buy extra lives, it needs to have a competitive aspect to it such as a leaderboard.

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Hey @CodeWithChris ! Thanks for the feedback!

Yes you can “buy” a life without getting charged while it’s in beta.

Yes I’ve thought about a leaderboard! That’s for v2.0 because it requires a backend.
I wanted to get this app out as soon as possible, and having a backend woulda added a lot to development time. But it’s definitely on the agenda for 2.0!


Yeah! Get it published asap! That’s the way to do it :slight_smile:


Last beta test is out before I send it to Apple!

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The app is live!!!

It took 6 rejections, but ye 7th submission went through!

The name is different, which was the reason for the rejection, but the app is the same.

Download and let me know if you have any feedback :slight_smile: you can also reach me on Instagram (

Love the name! Stopped watching around Season 14… will try the app out soon :blush:

Thanks Tanuj!!

It’s Gibbs Crew Trivia because I couldn’t use the name “NCIS” because of copyright