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Need advice re React Native

I need some advice on where to begin. I have an app called iHeadache (a headache diary app) on the Apple app store and am in the process of reworking it. I am not a programmer but have a really good guy on my team that is. This app is the brain child of my husband who is a neurologist and headache specialist. I am responsible for the UI/UX and marketing. My programmer wants to use React Native to write the app so we can put it in both the Google play and Apple App Store and maintain one code base. I feel lost when it comes to React Native.

Has anyone used React Native?

Is it hard to get the app approved by apple?

Any personal experience anyone can share is appreciated!


Welcome to the community.

This group is dedicated to iOS development using the Apple Xcode IDE so unfortunately you’ve come to the wrong place for advice about React Native.

It might be best to search online for a React Native forum and ask for assistance there.