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Need help for a new app

Hi, I have to build an app which could show different projects report/status to management. So let’s say engineers enter daily project status on 10 different projects in a Sprint through a separate Web UI (Built in Java,Angular,Spring Boot).

The iOS App should show each projects’ daily status.

Example - I enter 5 projects daily status for Feb 10,Feb 11,Feb 12,Feb 13.
The App should show date wise status for all those 5 projects.

Though I started the CWC+ course from the beginning, I am keen to know which part of the course would be most helpful to me to build the app I described above.

You should definitely go through the iOS foundations course and the database course.

But how your app works is highly dependent on what database is used between mobile and the web.

Your app and the website will both have to talk to the same database