Need help to make my coronavirus app up and running FaSt

Hi Chris,

I have an idea with some concepts to create an app that can make a difference in the coronavirus fight.

I live in Switzerland, so you can understand that here we already are in big trouble.

It will take too much for me to learn how to make the app and too many people keep dying every day.

I don’t want to put those ideas on governments hands, I didn’t like most of their approaches to the coronavirus fight (too many interests involved) and because I have a vision and I need to expose it to someone that I think can help me transform in reality.

This is why I’ll need to have a direct contact with you, Chris, so I can tell you everything about it.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I’m just new to all this and have no time to check the rules.

So, please, contact me as soon as possible

Thank you very much


If your intention is to create an App related to COVID-19 and make it available on the App Store you should know that Apple are refusing any Corona Virus Apps from anyone unless they are a biomedical company or a company with a proven track record in the health industry.