New Coder here with some questions

I am a watcher of Chris’s videos and really enjoy the lessons. Currently I am developing an App for my family friend who runs a phyisical therapy clinic for athletes. I’ve gotten as far as lesson 6 on Chris’s videos but have some questions as i move further with my app. One question is how do make it so i link the UI sign in with the home page of my app so that users are redirected? Second does anyone have any tips as far as exercises regarding multiple view controller apps or is that farther into Chris’s curriculum. Thank you and im excited to be apart of the community.

Hi Jordan,

If you take on the Database series course you will get a good grounding in multi view controllers and how to get from one View Controller to the other after sign in.

Thanks so much Chris i assume this is a paid course

Yes Chris has a paid database course, but there’s also a free YouTube video that shows you how to authenticate users.

It will just take more thinking on your part to figure out how to put this together into your own app

I’m new to Xcode and I was trying to put my app onto my phone but every time I try to do it this error message appears: “The maximum number of apps for free development profiles has been reached.”
I have nevver put any apps on my phone before so I don’t know why this keeps showing up.

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