New Member Requesting Guidance

Hey Guys,

Watched the video where Chris creates a sign up and login page linked to Firebase Auth. I’ve basically completed it all but my app won’t build due to 2 remaining errors.

I want the ‘user’ collection to consist of (full name, email, pw, address, job role) and I tried to add that in perhaps its messing it up…

Is there anyway I can share my code with someone to help me on this?

Kind Regards,
Alan James

error codes:

  1. Cannot assign value of type ‘HomeViewController.Type’ to type ‘UIViewController?’

  2. Value of optional type ‘String?’ must be unwrapped to a value of type ‘String’

can you show a screenshot of why 1 came up?

for 2 you can just easily unwrap the variable by added ! (exclamation - force) or ? (question) at the start

so myName is !myName (or ?myName) when unwrapped

Hi, Fuerte! Thanks so much for offering your expertise! Please see the screenshot of the errors mentioned and let me know where you think I’ve gone wrong…

So grateful for your assistance

Here is the 2nd error also

For this error you must unwrap those values email, name etc.

Cause someone could enter nothing!

This error you are setting your root view controller equal to lHomeViewController.

Instead it should be equal to your variable name homeViewController

Thanks guys. I literally had to copy and paste that section of Chris’ original build and it worked.