Newbie - Help Needed

Hi All,

Trying to make an app that allows you to do the following;

  1. Add certain data along with a date
  2. Add a photo
  3. Be able to look up the information at any time
  4. Be able to import data via excel or csv
  5. Be able to export data via excel or csv
  6. Have a dashboard summary of the information added

Could anyone assist with any tutorials or advice so I can start creating this?

As a newbie you should learn more about iOS apps before creating your own.

You should begin by looking into what back end database you want to use.
Any will work for what you’re doing, but you have to consider do you want all the data on device or in the cloud.

After that. Figure out how to use that database and you can do everything you’re wanting in this app

Thanks for this.

Does it have to use a database or can it use core data? I watched a tutorial a while ago that was a simple weight logging app that stored data by date and you could search the data added and present the results. This didn’t use a database.

Finally I notice a lot of tutorials are excellent at showing how to set up layouts of an app etc but none that seem to show how to code the button that you’ve just added. I can set the layout up fairly easily but are there tutorials on how to code the button i.e. when it is pressed it will do x, y, z?

Core Data is a database!! It’s Apple’s own solution, meaning you’re not using any third parties.

You don’t have to use a database, you could also store all the data in a JSON file on the device. But this is not as robust compared to using a database.

Which tutorial are you referring to that doesn’t show you what to do???
You add an IBAction for the button and then put code into that function.

So I could design my app using core data and wonder if there are any tutorials on how to do this with core data?

I was watching some codewithchris ones but they seemed to heavily focus on designing and placing the buttons rather than how to code and make the buttons work. I would want to add labels and free type fields and for this information to be stored and be able to be called up on at any time and presented in a tidy style.

I’m not sure which CodeWithChris video you’re referring to, because in his series he definitely goes into how to make the buttons do things.

I’d just begin by searching YouTube for “CoreData tutorial”

But considering you’re new. I’d recommend you first learn more about app development before trying CoreData.

Ok thanks, i’m watching the video about databases, what would you recommend watching when you talk about learning more about app development, are there any videos or tutorials on the topic you are suggesting?

Here’s the resources I followed at the beginning.

You should understand how to make a button work and how to build a UI layout before doing the app that you want to do

Thanks I’m going through the ‘Swift Tutorial for Beginners’ now. I’ll come back if I need further help.

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