NEWS APP - Love it!

Would be nice to see a tutorial that put all the Apps we’ve made together on a Custom TabView. I thought of that because I am having issues embedding the News app into a TabView programmatically after we created the Navigation controller using the Storyboard. Still looking up solutions but articles not loading in the TableView now.

tabview will be posted in the coming months for cwc+ :slight_smile:

Great!! I thought of another addition while playing and modifying my News App that I made:

Another cool addition to this tutorial would be a way to refresh the news articles with a pull-down gesture. Extra credit: how to make it search for “relevancy” on the first query then query for “most recent” when you refresh with a pull-down gesture.

I’m new to the community so that may be super easy or super hard but something I am looking to learn. I’ll prob scan the web for something on it.