No output in playground

I’m using xcode 11, whenever I’m writing any code, 1st of all there’s no echo on the right preview bar & also when I’m running the code, there’s no output also in the debug area below(both area is visible).
I don’t think there is any code error because a simple print code is also not executing/showing in the preview/output area.

Can anyone please help??

please post a screenshot so we can compare

It’s stuck here for a while

After that it ends up here, just like that

does your xcode have permission to run the debugger?

sometimes when i run xcode a window pops up and it asks for my administrator password in order to run the debugger

if you don’t want to deal with this issue you can also use an online compiler/playground to just get started on swift

just go to

Yes it does have permission to run debugger, I don’t know why it’s happening. Anyways thanks for your suggestion i’m gonna try to switch to the online playground, let’s see if that works.