Now Playing View WatchKit

I am developing a radio play app for the watch and trying to use Now playing view but though following instructions as per apple development documentation the view is not showing up when any radio button is tapped. Any ideas??

Why a radio button though? Clicking on a radio button usually doesn’t trigger any events unless you put a listener on it, maybe you forgot to set up the onchanged listener?

Thanks for getting back. Perhaps I did not explained myself correctly. The app is to play public radio stations without a companion iOS app. What I meant by “radio button” is a normal button from the object library that triggers an IBaction method calling the radio stations’ streaming address. By adding a Now Playing view I expected to show what was playing by the chosen station. However that is not happening.

so you are trying to stream audio?, have you tried doing it in viewdidload (pick a sample station) first to see if audio is really playing

My issue is not that the station is not playing. It is. The issei’s is that the Now Playing View object does not show it as playing…

hmm maybe you need to “refresh” your UI for the now playing, try setting it after it plays, or try moving it to viewWillAppear