OneDayBuild 3 and 4

My API call resulted in errors on the google developers-YouTube page. My Xcode project contains only one error I can’t solve. It is on the last line in the Response.swift file.

// Response.swift
// youTube_oneDayBuilds
// Created by gary becker on 9/16/20.
// Copyright © 2020 gary becker. All rights reserved.

import Foundation

struct Response: Decodable {

var items:[Video]?

enum CodingKeys:String, CodingKey  {
    case items

init (from decoder: Decoder) throws {
    let container = try decoder.container(keyedBy: CodingKeys.self)
    self.items = try container.decode([Video].self, forKey: .items)  Error:Referencing instance method 'decode(_:forKey:)' on 'Array' requires that 'Video' conform to 'Decodable'

Is the definition of your struct Video like this:

struct Video: Decodable {

I got it to work by checking out another topic. Thank You.