Open new VC and then use unwind segues

Hi, so I have a really simple problem but I can’t figure it out. I have 9 view controllers that follow one after another and on each one, the user can change a value. They are navigated by swiping left and right and when going forward, I use the regular segue to “create” the next one and when going back, I am using unwind segues to preserve the value, however, when the user goes from (for example) VC 3 to VC 2 and then back to VC 3, VC3 is still opened with a regular segue, thus a new one opens rather than going back to the previously displayed one. Is there a way for a segue to only create a new view controller when it was not previously open but then act as an unwind segue once the user has seen it? Thanks

I thought that unwind segues actually closed all the ViewControllers behind them, but I must be wrong. You can use vc.dismiss() to close the viewcontroller.

vc.dismiss(animated: false, completion: nil)