Organising file in folders as per MVC

Hello, I have completed the Module 3:The match game of iOS foundations(UIKit).
In lesson 4 of above module… chris said that he will tell how to organise the file in the folder as per MVC in next module… but i did not found that in the next module.

Can you help in organising all the files of TheMatchGame app as per MVC folder?
You can tell me which files will go in Model folder, which files will go in View folder and which files will go in Controller folder.

Thank you

Hey Sandeep!

Sorry about that! I swear I showed this somewhere… but I can’t even find it now lol

Not to worry, i’m building an index page of sorts for these videos because I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that videos make it hard to find and reference things later on.

For now, let me help you!
I usually create a couple of groups:

View Controllers - all the view controllers.

Views - any views such as CardCollectionViewCell

Models - any data related classes like Card and CardModel

Storyboards - optional… be careful about moving storyboards, you might have to specify their new location in the project properties if xcode complains

Helpers - any helper or utility classes

Hope this helps!