Performance Tips

Hello everyone, i am new here.

I am a mobile developer and making Android,iOS applications. Last week i came across with huge performance problem and i solved then i realise probably i have more mistake like that. So…


I have enormously big recyler view and all informations coming from web service, i am parsing json and putting into my list. When i open a new fragment , simulator and real test device was unusable,slow and even cant able to scroll screen.

I am using big hashmap,object and adapter for storing json datas.


I clear all hashmap,objects,adapter before open a fragment. I change onClick method which is another important point for gaining performance, rather than using holder.setOnclick listener, u have to implement View.OnClick listener in ViewHolder.

So after all these optimizations it works perfectly. Maybe lazy loading is not working i need check that too.

My question is, i am sure you guys had similar problem when developing mobile apps. What’s ur suggestions for make more optimized code.

Please share ur experience. I would like to learn more about iOS, Android performance tips.

Have a nice, healthy day.

maybe its because you are not loading the data asynchronously?