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Photo/Camera Upload

I’m creating an app that will upload given blueprints and letting the user draw or set symbols on top of the given blue print image (not sure how I want to do this yet). But right now I’m struggling to figure out how to upload a blueprint image and set it as a “canvas” for the user to edit on top of. I am using swiftUI, and I currently have everything on my ContentView with 3 screens (Main menu, Edit workspace screen, Saved Projects screen) [using .fullScreenCover()] … Anything helps, THANKS

Would this be easier to do with UIKit?

Sounds like a tough task! Here’s a tutorial I found, which teaches you how to build an interface, where the user can drag/ drop things onto it, or rearrange it as a whole:

Thankfully SwuftUI provides an API to accomplish what you want :slight_smile:

Best of luck!