Play Sounds in UIScrollview

Hello and Thanks in advance for your help.

I have followed a code with Chris tutorial on UIScrollView and it works well, But I would like to play a sound specific to the image when the user scolls in either direction. e.g scroll right to image of cat it plays cat.mp3, scroll left to dog image it plays dog.mp3.

I would appreciate any links, code or direction on how to achieve this. This is my first app so I am still learning my way.

Thanks again


there are three videos you can watch from chris about sounds

Thanks So much for posting those videos. they are very helpful. I’m wondering if anyone can guide me on how to play a sound automatically on with UIScrollview as the user scrolls to the next image. These videos are more button driven. Thanks again.


You should probably look for a way (search google) on how to trigger a function/event onscroll