Problem at run application in xcode

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Problem at run application in xcode 11
Search in google but don’t I have not found the solution
Command codesing failed with nonzero exit code

Is this your first time running the application? What were you doing before this error happened?

I didn’t do anything, I just applied the card app
The problem appeared with me a while ago … When it appears, delete the application and then create it again, but this is difficult … Is there no solution🥺


Couple possibilities.

  1. Did you add a folder as a reference rather than a group? If the former, take the files out of that folder and delete it and create a group of those files.

  2. You might also want to try the following and see if it clears:

  • Open keychain access.
  • Lock the ‘login’ keychain. (right clicking on “login” in the upper left panel)
  • Unlock it, enter your Mac account password.
  • Clean Project in the product menu.
  • Build it Again.

Let us know and we can try again.

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I did not add any folder
But The second way
:pensive::bowing_woman:t3:Please can you explain it to me in pictures

Ok try this.

In a Finder window, type Keychain Access

The Keychain panel will open when you type a return. On the left, Right Click the Login and elect Lock. Then Right click and unlock it. A standard unlock window will pop up and you type in your Mac’s password.

Keychain Access 2020-01-13 20-27-17

Finally, open your project again and choose Clean from the Product menu, and after it cleans build the project again.

See if that clears your error.


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:two_hearts::pleading_face::pleading_face:I don’t know what to say. Really. I don’t know. Thank you. Thank you. You helped me a lot. The app worked​:sob::sob::two_hearts::two_hearts:

Glad to hear that hurdle has been passed. Onto the next one! :slight_smile: