Problem with running my app

I have just finished the War game app, and I’m now trying to run it on my phone, my phone is connected to Xcode. But when I try to run it, a error message keeps popping up, and I don’t fully understand what it means.

Hope someone can help me out

  • Nick
  1. In Xcode, add your Apple ID to Accounts preferences, described in Adding Your Apple ID Account in Xcode.
  2. In the project navigator, select the project and your target to display the project editor.
  3. Click General and choose your name from the Team pop-up menu.
  4. Connect the device to your Mac and choose your device from the Scheme toolbar menu.
  5. Below the Team pop-up menu, click Fix Issue.Xcode creates a free provisioning profile for you and the warning text under the Team pop-up menu disappears.
  6. Click the Run button.Xcode installs the app on the device before launching the app.

open your project properties (just click on the top most of your project (the blue “ready to go”), on the development team just click the box and sign in your apple id, after that xcode should automatically handle signing for you