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Publishing High School App

Hi! I had a quick question. I’m designing an iOS app for a high school that would feature announcements/bulletin, events, information like faculty contact, clubs, etc as a unique way to consolidate all the info for the school. Would there be any reason Apple wouldn’t let this be published on the App Store, maybe because it’s a “personal” app? It would be used by about 350-400 people. I just want to make sure before I get too deep into it it can actually be put to use. If any more detail is required please let me know. Thanks!

A better way could be instead publishing an Unlisted app!

It allows users to use a link to download the app, but you can’t find it by searching it on the App Store, so the only way to download it is to use the proper link

Haha I’ve actually also had this app idea before too! Good luck!

Ah, I see. Thank you - I’ll keep that alternative in mind. However, if I wanted it to be public where people could search for it, would that encounter any roadblocks (i.e. as stated above)? I think that was my original question; sorry if it got scuffed haha.

It doesn’t matter. There’s not really a “personal app”

But be aware this is public information, like anyone can access the app, and the information can be related to whereabouts of high schoolers who are under 18, so they could be potentially used by someone maliciously.

So having some kind of login where people must use a specific .edu email address or something may be useful

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