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Question about macOS

thanks for helping us,
my question is the programming lines for ios is the same lines for macOS? sure with different interfaces but in the programming is it the same?
for example: I want to build an app for macOS about organizing a big store including alot of items, different sizes, with a barcodes reader, can we do that with xcode swift program language? or we should write it with objective-c ? and do we need to contacted to a server like sql servers?
sorry for the long question and thanks alot .

Welcome to the community!

You can use Swift to create a macOS app!

You will 100% need a database of some sort.

Also note this group is dedicated to iOS development more so than Mac, so we won’t be able to help really on that side

thanks to you… I hope in the future will create one for macOS I know you can do it…
thanks .

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You got this! :clap::clap: