Question before purchasing lifetime course membership

I’m about to pull the trigger on this lifetime membership deal you guys offer, mostly for the community engagement but of course for all the exclusive learning content as well. However, I don’t have facebook (don’t want to make one) and I’m wondering how open to using Discord you guys (@CWC Crew) would be.

I think it’d be a great place for real-time community engagement, especially for this particular community (tech & computers). We made one for our Computer Science class and nearly everyone in the program has joined it after a few short months, not to mention what a help it was last semester for most of us.

I also think it would be a quick and easy way to allow people to join/get their foot in the door with a simple link to our community Discord channel in your videos which would enhance the Community growth, yielding a stronger network of support. Subsequently, you’d likely see an increase in course orders

I wouldn’t mind creating a full fledged Discord channel for the CWC Community, working with you guys to create it around your ideal structure.

What does everyone else think? Would you like to have a Discord channel?

go ask chris

Hey Karsen,

I’ve thought about chat based communities such as Slack and Discord before but in the end, opted for non-real time because the team and I wouldn’t be able to support it properly.

It’s great for chatting and connecting with people for sure (I’m on a few servers myself for various games)

However for student support purposes, it’s hard to make sure that every single question gets addressed if we’re not online all the time.

I see you’ve sent me a few PMs so i’ll continue the convo with you there!

Hey Chris,

Thanks for getting back!

While you might not be able to field every question in the live Discord environment, I think that’s a universal inevitability, especially as the community grows - However, the idea is for the community to be able to grow, connect, and communicate among each other, ultimately providing that help (at a rate beyond the capability of staff members) by sharing cumulative community knowledge among the members efficiently and effectively. I see this happening on the forum already, although at a slightly slower pace.

Ultimately, the idea would be for you guys not to have to answer every single question, rather, to create an environment/community around Swift & Xcode where someone in the community is bound to have an answer to your question, which you can ask on a whim.

I understand you’ve tried it for some games, although, I’m not sure if you read my previous messages regarding the server a couple of friends and I made for our Computer Science program @ Gonzaga. We have over 100 members now who are all helping each other based on our varying experiences and perspectives.

I’m also part of a few other Discord servers for information & learning, not just gaming!

We could also, easily add in a stipulation/specification that this Discord server is a community managed platform for live entanglement (with perhaps a few volunteer mods; I’m happy to be one), but if people need an answer and aren’t pressed for time they can/should make a forum post.

Thanks a lot for even opening the dialogue about this with me!
I see you just responded to another message - sorry for dropping multiple messages around for you to reply to - I appreciate your time, Chris :slight_smile: