Randomizing Text

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to randomize text in a Box. Lets say there is a Box and inside the Box there is some text lik “Count to 10” if you press the screen you get a new text like “Jump 5 times” ect… Is there a easy way to randomiz that? I´m thinking about having like 50-100 textes that tells you to do different things. But it also importert that it doesnt give you the same text 2 times in 1 game.

You can make an array of strings for the different phrases. And use the random function to pick a random index to get out of the array.

After using that one, remove it from the array and put it in a “usedPhrases” array, so you’ll never pick the same one

@MANI also note this question would be better suited for “app development.”

Requests and feedback are more about Chris’ videos and requests about those.

Do you have any examples of this codes? I´m prerry new

Go through the match app game tutorial by Chris

He’s doing something very similar to randomize the cards.

Thanks, Will try to Watch that