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Reading from list of calendar events

Hi I’d like to be able to read from a (simple) list of calendar events in my app. At the moment I’m using a JSON file which works but is unfriendly for creating/editing/deleting events for a calendar administrator.

I’m contemplating the following options:
i) continue to use a hosted JSON file, and create functionality within the app for an authenticated user to add/delete /edit events - I think this will be a time-consuming and labour-intensive approach

ii) use an external calendar application such as Google calendar, and have the app work with the relevant API to read events. This would have the advantage of being easy to administer the calendar using existing google tools, but would be a bit of a hassle with respect to implementing the API handling in the app.

iii) use firebase to create a database of events - again this probably be somewhat time consuming to implement administration functions within the app, but probably more elegant than mucking around with directly editing JSON through the app.

Would appreciate thoughts and suggestions!

i think its best to use API for this, since you will only be figuring out the “create/update/delete” part of using/sending the data to the API which are mostly just network calls (try using Alamofire to make it easier, Alamofire Tutorial with Swift (Quickstart))

both JSON and firebase options require you to handle the codes to create/update/delete which is really time consuming not to mention the way you present data to the UI