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Ready to take the next foundations course

I signed up for the CWC + courses and am ready to take the next foundations course. How do I continue?


Don Clark

Hi Don, welcome to the community!

Which courses exactly have you gone through already?

What are you looking to do by learning iOS? Just for fun, or to get an iOS job?

Mainly just for fun ā€“ but I do have an idea that needs significant research and scalability that would benefit thousands of transportation professionals by bringing together independent data silos into a comprehensive integrated solution.

That is why it is soo urgent that I learn not only iOS but also Android solutions to enable a cross platform capability.

I have already started the iOS foundations course.

I also have started teaching English to students in Guatemala. These are students that have internet access but limited funds. They do have access to windows computers, older iPhones and Android devices. Iā€™m starting out with Google Classrooms ā€“ but I know that I am going to need a more dedicated code base to further inspire these students to thrive and succeed.


Don Clark