Regarding How to Make Your First App

I use Xcode 11, simulator iPhone XR and view as iPhone 11 plus. I followed the tutorial and this is the result:

Question: Is there a bug in Xcode 11? Been looking at the constraint but can’t fix it.
Any help? Thanks.


Hi Pedro,

There isn’t a bug in Xcode 11. There is a very good chance that you missed a step while following the tutorial.

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Nope, I followed the tutorial repeatedly and the text will always go to the right. Same thing in the StackedView tutorial. Maybe I have to change the Catalina IOS into the exact IOS used in the tutorial?

It’s not a macOS issue nor is it an iOS version issue.
Look closely at where you added the button images. They need to be added as Background not an Image.

That’s why you are seeing what you are seeing.

You are the best! I get it right. BIG thanks to you!