Regarding the view part in the MVC Design

Hey guys

I am a fairly new developer and was going over some best practices and useful habits.

One thing which I kept coming across was using the mvc design pattern to architect my app.

I understood what the model and controllers were for, but I have trouble figuring out what is the view’s responsibility.

If someone can clarify what the view does and how it differs from the view controller that would be real great

Thanks :blush:

The view’s responsibility is just to display something on the screen. That’s it.

The view controller provides behavior to the view—in the form of action handlers and configuration and such—and also serves as a connection between the view and the model layer.

So the view is technically what we setup in the storyboard , am I right?

Pretty much, all the “view” layer does in MVC is display stuff on the screen

Yep, and yo can have multiple views in one viewController.