Relation from a sign in ControllerView to a a Tabview


I m beginner in Xcode and I would lik we to create a single view which present the user sign in method(google, facebook…) and then once the sign in process has been done call the rest of my app manage by a tabview.

Thank you for your answer!

Your request doesn’t have a quick and easy solution and I suspect since you say you are a beginner you should actually go through some beginner tutorials to understand the basics.

Having said that, here is a link to integrating facebook SDK into an app.

Thank you very much!!!

Hello, thank you for your answer I m à développer reading a lot about swift. My weakness is to understand the view controller concept and link with the code.
How to interact with different views.

Think of it like this. A viewcontroller is the name given the physical file that has the text or code for your class that reacts/controls events, like a user pushing a button, of a view.

Each view should be considered as a self-contained window to the world as it is now. For instance, a view to add a person will allow you to add your person details. Those details are saved to the database and when you leave that view it is no longer necessary as it has served its purpose.

Views and their controllers do not interact with each other. They interact with underlying data. Look at the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. It will give you some background.