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Relational Database technologies

It seems no matter where I search there doesn’t seem to be any training that supports using relational databases like sqlite dbs. I’ve written a budgeting app that uses sqlite consisting of 13 tables in a relational design using Sqlite SQL including JOINS. The only way I’ve found to process sqlite dbs is using FMDB. It seems to me that all the buzz is to use Core Data…. But as I’ve looked into it, it seems that Core Data really doesn’t support the relational model including JOIN types. I’ve read it really is for storing static data in more of a flat file style.

I come from a software background started back in 1979 on IBM System 3 and old RPG through my retirement in 2014 from IBM Websphere / Java & Oracle databases for United Healthcare.

Why am I writing all this? If you know of any technologies that I could learn that support the relational database model using SQLite other than FMDB I’d be greatful to hear of it. If not…… then maybe that would be a good course of action for some additional training you could provide…

Welcome to the community!

CoreData is kinda like an ORM (Object Relational Map) and uses SQLite under the hood. You can make relations with it. But it’s different than directly writing a JOIN statement in SQL.

This is Chris’ quick start series for CoreData, and it briefly covers a simple example of making relations.

The “buzz” is because it’s a framework built by Apple, so you don’t have to download anything new to use it.

I’ve used this library to interact with a SQLite database. This is an older tutorial, but is still helpful

In this series I use Vapor to make an API with Swift that integrates with PostgreSQL database

Thank you for the reply… I’ll certainly look into this. Perhaps I didn’t give Core Data enough of a try.

I wish I could help.

I’ve just finished the CWC+ iOS Databases course, and I thought I would take some time out to implement what I’ve learned re: CoreData (etc), and I’ve realised the answer is “very little”.

So I’m taking a few extra days “time out” to try and figure it out for myself. Until my head gets a clear understanding of what the data is doing, where it is, and how it’s stored, and how Swift works with it, and what code can be used where, I feel it will never come as easy for me as it has in the past.

I’ve used databases for many years, but it feels like SwiftUI does things in a less-than-intuitive way (although that’s probably just my aging brain stuck in the past). I feel that I need to get to grips with this before I move on, because I don’t feel that I have so far.

I love learning, but there are days when you can’t achieve the simplest of things that it just seems “too much”.

I’ve used FMDB and been able to achieve everything I’d hoped to using SQL. But, since FMDB seems to be mentioned so little I’d been hoping that before it completely fades away I could learn another technology that would continue to evolve. I’m going to go back and revisit Core Data but my initial experience was frustrating.