Request: Instagram API

Hey Chris,

Me again sorry :smiley: but I got a ton of ideas for good tutorials. One of them being Instagram API. Where you make a sample Analytics app. Which we can then build on ourselfs. Basically maybe just show us how to implement the API and then show us how to pull a few things out of that API, like followers lost, or followers gained.

I know there are one or two online already, but they all start with pre-built projects which sucks.

And if it’s at all possible, do it in SwiftUI :smiley:

Hit up Chris Allan Li on Instagram!

He has an app Smarthash where he does Instagram analytics

He could probably point you in the right direction for a tutorial

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He’s not gonna give away secret to his app, since he make a living from it. Anyone coming now is just competition.

Would be nice to get a simple tutorial from Chris about the Instagram API, and how to get started pulling a few stats

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