Request: SwiftUI and JSON API

Hey Chris,

I know you gonna say there are already many out there, but I tried a few of them and they are either horribly outdated or just over complex.

Can you make a small tutorial for parsing JSON into a SwiftUi list. Nothing complex. Just 3 files:

  1. NetworkingManager that handles the fetch
  2. Post that handles the struct
  3. ContentView that shows the list

Use a simple JSON API like myJSON. I would lvoe to learn how to write a simple JSON API handler that I can reuse in all my apps.

Thanks buddy! No one does Tutorials as clean, and easy to understand as you do.

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Martin Lasek (on YT) might have this!
He has SwiftUI tutorials. But his “Ultimate UITableView” series has how to parse JSON in it too (but not SwiftUI)

But honestly I haven’t dived into SwiftUI yet, so it’s basic SwiftUI tutorial might have what you’re looking for

Yeah I am gonna be brutally honest, most of the YouTubers out there are crap. Even martin Lasek, all that Pokemon BS.

No one is making simple tutorials except Chris. And by simple I mean for example a JSON REST API dynamic list. And not use an existing API, but instead a myjson api fro example, where you add your own json file which has nothing more than a name and an image.

Oh okay I understand!

Sorry you didn’t find Martin Lasek helpful for what you’re looking for.

I’ll look around and let you know if I find a good tutorial. Have you looked into
By Paul Hudson (he has some good tutorials here and there)

I don’t wanna be rude or anything, but I kinda come to Chris because I want his stuff not someone elses, I think Chris has a really good way of explaining things, and his tutorials are high quality.

So not really looking for anyone elses stuff. That’s why I made the request here :wink:

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Totally understandable, no worries! :slight_smile: I’ll let @chris know that’s a video you’d want to see!

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Hey Zenocode, thank you for so much love :heart:

I’ll keep this in mind as I prepare my SwiftUI content for the coming weeks/months.

Btw, it’s ok if you don’t prefer his style of content but I’ve spoken with Martin on many occasions and he’s a genuine and great guy!! :slight_smile:

Thanks or replying, I am sure he is a very nice guy, I just prefer your style of tutorials, cause they are much cleaner made. This request is void now, i kinda figured it out. Only thing I still need to figure out is where can I find a webhost that allows JSON, mine doesn’t have it.

Hey Zenocode, isn’t it just a json file you upload to your webhost? What webhost are you using?

I thought the same, but it’s not working. It’s a services called Register4Less.

This is my JSON URL: