RevenueCat Youtube Tutorials - SwiftUI


I’ve been following your RevenueCat tutorial series on Youtube. It’s been really helpful. I’m hoping that you can do a SwiftUI lesson to go along with what you’ve already taught there.

I started learning to code a year ago with UIKit and I was progressing really slowly. I tried SwiftUI and understood it way better. So I left behind UIKit and started building my app idea with SwiftUI. I have everything basically done except for in-app purchase. I left that til the end because it was the most daunting. I’ve heard that using RevenueCat really simplifies it, but I can’t figure out how to adapt your tutorials on Youtube to what I have in SwiftUI.

Can you do a SwiftUI lesson on Youtube with the setup we already have done in RevenueCat and App Store Connect? That would be so helpful. Thank you!

Good morning,

I have exactly the same issue. You did an amazing tutorial on swiftUI. Now my app is about to be ready, but I find it really difficult to integrate IAP.
I would be grateful you explain how to integrate RevenueCat with SwiftUI :slight_smile:
Thank you!