Save data when app is uninstalled?

Hello guys,

I’m stuck on trying to figure out how the best approach of saving users data if they decide to uninstall the app and reinstall it later.

I downloaded a solitaire app and the progression for the leveling system they have is saved even after uninstall and reinstalling it. There is no log on feature or using Game Center data. If those two options aren’t used, how is this done? Am I missing something? Need help with it.


Hi Seth!

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This is typically done by saving data with iCloud, are you sure Game Center isn’t attached?

Send me the link to the game and I can look at it


Thank you for the response and willing to look into it.

The game is Solitare by Me2zen

Thanks so much!

Hi Seth,

From what I can tell it is not using Game Center or iCloud, it’s doing some kind of caching.

Reading the privacy policy helped a little. But I wouldn’t rely on this. It’s always best to use some kind of Apple technology (like iCloud or Game Center)