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SceneDelegate Lifecycle (openURLContexts)

Hi, does anyone have experience with openURLContexts in SceneDelegate?

My app has a universal type identifier, so it gets launched when tapping on a stored backup file which is then imported into the app. I need to set a notification that the app has been launched from the backup file, before Touch or FaceID authorisation runs, because I want different behaviour in my authorisation code when the app is launched from the backup file. I’m having difficulty tracking down which method is the very first to run.

Any help much appreciated.

Which method out of which ones??

You can add breakpoints (or print statements) in all of the methods and then run your app and you’ll see which is run first

Thanks. After quite a bit of experimentation I found that openURLContexts is first, or at least close to first, when being launched from outside the app. It was the way I was trying to be notified that was the problem. After some lessons in Observers and Notifications I think I’ve got it sorted.

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