Scheduling App Question


I am wanting to create a scheduling program similar to the Apple Calendar scheduler where the user can add events and their duration. After the user adds his/her event, the event will display and color the block of time that is reserved for the event.

For example, the user adds “read a book” from 9:30 AM to 10:05 AM. Then, from the halfway point between 9AM and 10 AM to 1/12 after the line for 10 AM will be colored and labeled as “read a book.”

I thought about having two TableViews with one on top of the other. The bottom table view displays lines and the time for the user to see, and the upper table view displaying the user’s events. However, I am struggling to figure this out since I am fairly new to Swift.

I was wondering if anyone had experience creating a scheduling program similar to what I am trying to create. Or if anyone has an idea of how I would go about in creating this?

Thank you!!

hello, not really sure if tableview is the correct way to go about this, why not just utilize the internal calendar and just have your app create the event from there?

or actually why not look for a calendar cocoapod, it will make your life a whole lot easier
if you are not familiar with it then our article should be able to help you

Thank you for the response!

I actually have attempted to use cocoa pods. But what I am looking for is a little different than all the calendar/scheduling cocoa pods offer. Many have a week view, but I want only a day view.
I attempted to edit the cocoapods, but then the program ends up with many errors.

I have tried to look up ways to edit a cocoapod in order to personalize it, but I haven’t been able to find much.
Is there a way to personalize a cocoa pod? and if so, how?

I greatly appreciate the help!

Hmm you can only extend an existing cocoapod by changing the codes and stuff… Or try to make use of the existing code to try and fit your creteria…
Maybe you can try to look for an “event scheduling” cocoapod instead and have a different more basic calendar and combine them