Scroll And Not Affect StackView

I’m trying to have 2 stackviews that I don’t want to move down vertically and collapse when I scroll upwards, I made them clip to bounds but that does not seem to work. Please help.

My 2 stackviews in the viewcontroller

Alright I put my 2 stackviews and perfect order bar into an embedded view but I can’t make that view not move when being scrolled. I don’t want the elements to collapse like this.

Nobody has any ideas how to fix this?

Can you send a video of what’s happening? I’m not sure I understand.

What do you mean by collapse? Is this happening in the simulator too or just the storyboard file?

No its in the simulator when you scroll it collapses. How do I upload a video it does not give me the option when I reply?

Use the ScreenShot App on your Mac where you can record a selected area of your screen or the entire window.

I have a video of my problem but the issue is I can’t upload it when I reply because I can’t see any option to display a video in the response.

Post your video to DropBox or Google Drive and then create a share link and post in a reply.

Ok I have the link, here you go

Does anyone have any ideas I still have an issue with it?

I fixed the issue I had using a different set of constraints.