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Sending SMS to non users

Hi team CWC, I love you guys! Just wanted to say that first, but i had a sort of complicated question.

Is there an API I can use or some way that i can send the user location as an alert/text messege to someone who doesn’t have the app but is designated as a “special contact” in the app? Thank you!

^This seems interesting but its outdated


Hi Tarun,

Welcome to the community.

Is the intention for the user who has the App to initiate sharing their location by selecting an option in the App to do so? In other words does the user have to make a conscious decision to share their location with that person?

Additionally, does the user who has the App have to input the details of that “special contact” whether that be either a phone number or an email address?
Are the details of that “special contact” stored securely?

This stack overflow thread details a method to do this using SwiftUI.

Hey chris, I wanted to try building a project that you can share your location with your friends if you guys wanted to hang out with a custom push notifications.

I know how to set up firebase to make accounts so the user can login, etc.
I know how to use CoreLocation and Mapkit to get the user location and store it by longitude and latitude.

The parts that confuse me are:

  • setting it up to where only users you allow/friends with can see your location when you publish/update it.
  • How to send user friend requests and how to store the list of friends
  • Using custom push notifications so that the notification says the name of the user whos sharing their location

Any documentation you can point me too so I can learn how to solve these problems would be great! Thank you so much!!