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Share to Facebook using UIActivity View Controller Times Out

When trying to share to Facebook via the native iOS sharesheet, the Facebook create dialog will open but when I go to post it, the Facebook progress screen shows for a second and then times out. I used to get a “Shared to Facebook!” success screen.

In the Xcode console when trying to share I am receiving the following errors:

SLRemoteComposeViewController: (this may be harmless) viewServiceDidTerminateWithError: Error Domain=_UIViewServiceErrorDomain Code=1 “(null)” UserInfo={Terminated=disconnect method}

[ShareSheet] connection invalidated

I haven’t made any changes to the code; it just stopped working. Sharing to all the other platforms, iMessage, email, Twitter, Messenger all work fine. Just not to Facebook.

static func showShareSheet<Entity: Entry>(entry: Entity, VC: UIViewController) {
    var image = UIImage()
    var message = entry.message
    if entry.image != nil { image = UIImage(data: entry.image!)! }
    let shareSheetVC = UIActivityViewController(
        activityItems: [
        applicationActivities: nil)
    shareSheetVC.excludedActivityTypes = [.addToReadingList, .airDrop, .assignToContact, .markupAsPDF, .openInIBooks,
        .postToVimeo, .print]
    VC.present(shareSheetVC, animated: true) }

And the function is called as such:

SharingManager.showShareSheet(entry: self.entry!, VC: self)

Thank you for any help! I have spent hours researching to no avail!

If you are using the App on a real device then the chances are that the issue is with FaceBook given that as you say, all other share destinations work.