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Share your weekly win! (April 1st)

Hey CodeCrew,

I hope your week has gone well!

Even if it hasn’t gone according to plan, try to focus on what went well so that you can carry the momentum to move forward.

I want to start this topic each week to prompt us all to reflect on one thing that went well this week.

Post your win below, no matter how big or small, and let’s motivate each other to continue moving upward on our app journeys!

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For me, this week I was able to get back to coding and recording the Chat App.

It feels amazing to be back in Xcode, coding and listening to music, running the simulator, wondering why things aren’t working (haha), planning lessons and just getting back to my roots.

I’m really happy that I got to do that this week and I’m going to make sure I can do it each week!

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I started my YouTube channel! :heart_eyes:

I’ll be doing iOS dev tutorials too, but also sharing my freelance journey and live stream coding! (Tune in if you want to see how an app is actually built)