Should I watch Chris's older videos on Storyboards?

Hello Everyone,

I am very new to iOS coding and have a few questions. I went through Chris’s What is SwiftUI 2020 playlist videos on YouTube and wanted to start another playlist series by him. I started watching the “How to make an app for beginners (2020)” but it looks like all the videos are from 2019 and use Storyboard opposed to SwiftUI.

Should I still watch this playlist and learn Storyboards or just focus on SwiftUI?


Hi Bill,

It is really your choice. Storyboards will be here for a long time. I still use them, and yes, I do find SwiftUI quite intriguing, especially for ease of design and layout…

Most of the tutorials and support forums you find online will be heavily Storyboard leaning, so in my opinion Storyboards is a good way to begin.

Chris has done a few SwiftUI tutorials, and there will certainly be more to come, the majority are Storyboard based.

It really depends of how adventurous you are. If willing to strike out on your own at this time, SwftUI is a great place to jump in. If you are looking for a wide arrange of training materials, Storyboards has that beat, hands down at this time.

Happy coding.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the reply! Alright, I will continue to watch and work through the tutorials for Storyboard. I want to be well rounded in my app development.