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Simple login using local resources only

Is there a tutorial/course that demonstrates/contains how to build a simple username/password interface that leverages CoreData as its persistence? Preferably using SwiftUI, if possible.

Welcome to the community!!

Only the user’s phone can access that data, no one else, so there’s not a need to password protect it

What use case are you thinking of implementing this?

First, to be clear, I am new to the App world, but I have been programming in other environments for awhile. My plan is to fork the ChatApp course and remove the Firebase services and associated verification workflow, I do not want a centralized service to be used.

The forked ChatApp will communicate to RaspPi that will be running MongoDB/Node.js (like the Note’s App) and a messaging service (it is a fairly heavy overhead and something that should not be run on an iPhone, IMHO).

The ChatApp will leverage CoreData for its local persistence, it will contain a synchronization service that will synchronize all new messages generated locally to the MongoDB and it will retrieval all new messages stored in the MongoDB by the messaging service. Note: I already slightly refactored the Notes App and included the sync service to determine if I was capable of making this work.

What I am trying to do now is create a simple onboarding workflow that involves the following steps:

  1. Welcome to the App
  2. Create profile (username, avatar/picture, and enter shared secret (to establish secure communication with the Pi at a later stage in the development effort)
  3. Managing onboarding state (have they registered or not) so that the appropriate screens are presented

The goal of my question was to get an example of the username/password login/onboarding process and refactor it to my needs. I understand that I could leverage the ChatApp code and refactor it, but given my newness and not complete comfort/knowledge of what I am doing, I was looking for something a little more direct to aid in my efforts or, at least, a second reference to help me.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!