Simulatior Resource Requirements

I am using an older MacBook Pro running Catalina with 8 GB Ram. If I have another program running besides Xcode and the simulator, it can take a long time to load the images. Even without another program active it can take a while or stall out. Are some of the simulators less of resource hogs than others. If so what is the minimum simulator model I should use?

Hi Mark,

I would suggest that given they are all running with the same version of iOS there would be no difference. If you have more than one simulator open simultaneously then you are going to consume more of your Mac’s resources.

These days the Operating Systems are bigger and consume more disk space and RAM. It’s a problem for older Mac’s with less RAM.

Worse still is that RAM is no longer upgradable by the user because it is soldered directly onto the motherboard. You could argue that Apple are building in planned obsolescence with their products.