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Some topics: DatePicker, TerxtEditor

Hi, dear fellow Code Crew,

I am working on my own project and I do not find the approach to solve some of my topics.
So I am asking for a few tipps in literature or videos or lessons, which can help me to understand.

  1. DatePicker: I know how to use it in a basic way, meaning displaying the wheelStyle or graphicalStyle. But I am looking for an approach to change it from English to German or French words for the months or days it is displaying. Or from am/pm to the 24h-way of displaying time values. Neither in the Simulator nor on my German iPhone I will get the localized words.

Do not misunderstand me: I know how to format the binding variable with a dateFormatter. Programmatically the picker works, but I look for an idea to change the way it is shown on the iPhone .

  1. I would like to add two buttons to the DatePicker: ok and Cancel. Do you have good advice how to solve this?

  2. I would like to learn more about TextEditor. What is a good strategy that a user can type new content or change provided content from a database and to stop editing/submitting the content. Wahre are the modifiers or closures to use?

  3. Learning App: in which module and lesson did Chris explain escaping of a method? I have to review this lesson but did not find the lesson.

Any ideas, literature, video or example code to learn about the topics is welcomed.
Many thanks in advance.