Some video requests which would be amazing

I have some ideas for new videos for the Youtube channel.
Maybe some could interest you, they are the following;

  • How to make a complex drawing App
  • A tutorial on everything about View Controllers and Segues
  • How to implement Figma graphics into Xcode, if possible as image assets
  • Another way to make a log in which only saves data locally or in the app database, if possible another way without Firebase Authentication
  • How to make an Accounting App

These are just ideas, and if any interest you or Code with Chris, it would be amazing to have them as videos in your Youtube Channel.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Look up “CodeWithChris Figma” he has several tutorials about it!

Hi Mikaela,
I have seen many of his videos, but I don’t recall him explaining how to export from Figma and make image.assets for xcode. Maybe I am wrong or have not looked at a video. Thanks anyway

You can export your images, but a full app’s design you still have to build in Xcode.

Figma is for mocking up your design and making a prototype to l see what your app could look like. You still have to build it in code.

Given that, though there are tools to export a “sketch” and convert it to code, but I haven’t tried them

Thank you ,
I understand and know how to code in xcode, and I just was wondering if there was a way to export stuff from Figma into image assets not the whole prototype itself. I understand what you said, that is why I suggestes as an idea for a future video in Code with Chris, to use image assets made from Figma, which would be exported to xcode as image assets and from there make an app with “Figma grapphics”.
Thank you, and I hope my ideas are recognised as good and have some potential for being videos.

You mean just exporting images and then dragging them into Xcode in Assets.xcassets folder?

Yes, exactly. Maybe if they have shadow also getting the shadow, etc…
A video explaining exporting and importing to Xcode and like copying what the prototype would be in Figma, but in Xcode.
Yes exporting images and then dragging them into Xcode in the assets folder.
And do you have any other suggestions for other resources for iOS development you could share with me?Any books, or any documents, or anything I can print?

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Raywenderlich is a great resource! (That’s a website)

But the link I posted to my Instagram mentions tons of videos to help get you started and see what’s out there!

Videos by Sean Allen are awesome!
And Kilo Loco
And Let’s Build That App

There’s tons of things!