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Hello my name is Elijah Armande and I am a current CS student entering into my last year of school. After hopping around from language to language in the previous years gaining programming experience, I have decided to settle down with Swift and IOS Dev. As recently stated I have a year left of school and within this year I would like to develop the skills to either gain an internship or land a job by spring of 2022. (I need to complete an internship or a capstone project to graduate).

The purpose of this thread is to not only help myself but to be a resource to anyone whether they are a student or not. So if anyone could help me and potential viewers of this thread, that would be great.


Welcome to the community Elijah!

Create projects and put them on GitHub, add those to your resume!

Use your school’s resources and you can definitely find an internship/job! :+1:

Thank you for your response Mikaelcaron.

Do you have any practical advice geared toward learning IOS dev? What courses or learning resources did you initially use to get things going? There is a lot of information out there and Im trying to do my best in filtering resources down. Any resources on this site that you consider “Must do’s” that could help? Ive taken the 3+ hr class on swift basics and know I’m looking for resources that can expand upon that knowledge.

Along your journey were there any stumbling blocks you would like to share as well as things to look out for that a beginner should know?

Thanks again!!!

I shared my entire experience in Instagram. Here’s a post about it

Also I’d recommend Chris’ courses! They’re all really good and a great starting point

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