Starting the 29 Day Challenge

Heyyo everyone!

I’m Montana and I’m currently learning iOS development as well. Starting tomorrow i’ll be diving in on the 29 day challenge and I look forward to posting my journey and working while learning with others! I look forward to this new chapter. Will keep updating progress for tomorrow, thanks! :slight_smile:


Welcome Montana! If you have any questions you can search around this forum or ask another question of your own!

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Hey Montana, Good to see you.
I’m Balaji learning Swift to become powerful like the language. :grinning:
Following you I am also going to take 29 day challenge here. Thanks for starting this. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hey Balaji!
Its great to meet you and same here! It’s good that you’re doing it with me! How’s your journey going? I just finished Day 2 since I like to go back and make sure I understand everything. :slight_smile:

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Great @Montezuma… Today is my first day of the start. What’s your suggestion where can I start?

What are the topics you planned to learn first 1 week? :grinning:


So definitely if you’re not familiar with Xcode definitely go through the first day and I normally watch tutorials twice. Once to just see the flow, the second time to check my knowledge! So I’d try on the second time to remember what I saw and why I did it. :slight_smile: Remember to take your time since it’s nice a race, but an awesome journey!

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Finished video 3 and activity 3. So far I’m getting better at stackviews and constraints. Though my only concern was when I did the activity 3, the image views seemed not fully stacked right next to each other as @CodeWithChris showed for the solution. Can someone maybe check it for me to see if I’m possibly doing something wrong? Thank you! @MikaelaCaron do you mind taking a look :slight_smile:

On the right mine has the small black spaces in between and I’m wondering how would I close the gap between them?

Change the aspect ratio to aspect fill rather than aspect fit.

Also don’t tag Chris in posts, there’s lots of other admins and anyone in the community can answer!

Hey Mikaela,

Thanks so much for the help, also my bad, definitely noted. That did help the issue! :slight_smile:

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