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Steve's Journal

I joined CWC+ to hopefully help fill in some of the gaps that I have in app development. Although I work in IT, I am not a programmer…far from it. I just like programming for myself and learning. I will post my progress on here and look forward to the next app challenge.


Welcome to the community Steve! So much to learn and can’t wait to see what you make!

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I created a simple self introduction 「自己紹介」app. When you click on the “More Info” button you get my self introduction in English mode or Japanese mode. Thinking on how I can improve that once I get more experience. Screenshots attached.


Six days to go until WWDC - I want to try to post some code each day. Right now I’m playing around with the basics so I’ll share some screenshots each day (hopefully :grinning: )


WWDC - T-minus five days! Learning how to combine rectangles to make a color grid pattern.

I want to improve on my understanding of the basics, so today I’m studying arrays, sets and dictionaries. Just 4 days until WWDC!

Hooray it’s Friday! We are three days closer to WWDC. Looking forward to seeing what’s new. Today I did a review of closures as well enums.