Still quite lost

I tried too follow the instruction to make sure I am all set up as far as my paid student account goes by accessing @katrina, but I couldn’t find a “Post” or “New Message” button. There are many different pages In Code With Chris site. Meanwhile, I’ve also been reading the guidelines on how to solve errors and so far, it seems helpful for the little bit I’ve covered, but it might take me a while to get familiar with each guide section, community, and method of posting. My name is gary becker and my email is

Hi @garybecker Welcome to the community!

You may not want to post your email address in the forum, you risk a huge amount of spam and phishing scams. I suggest you edit that part out of your post!

Feel free to post your questions, that is why the community is here!


Hi. Mark,
In reference to your suggestion to not print my email address in posts, Is there actually a way to edit a post that has already been sent? I don’t see any editing options for that.

Click the 3 dots and then the pencil