Still struggling with WarCardApp

I still have NOT nailed down this lesson… I have two issues…

Issue #1 - I somehow damaged my “Safe area”. On the 4th run though on creating the App from Scratch, at 1:06:09 position in the video, you show the save area. In your screen, there is the White area (safe area) that is shown. On MY screen, it looks like this…

Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 9.53.38 AM

As you can see, this looks quite a bit different then the video. Don’t ask how I managed to do this, but attempts at recovering it have failed. I guess I’m resigning my self to create a new project a 5th time, but is there anyway I can recover this without starting a project from scratch?

The other issue is scrolling within the Storyboard area, I finally found it by accident. By right clicking in the Storyboard area, I can pick a zoom factor…

And one more thing… It doesn’t seem that this forum is not read that often, at least not read by the experts…

So, I’m starting the project yet again.


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Back to the “same ol”. - In the video, reference Vid Position to 1:05:05 - Just after adding the background, the background as shown in the video fills the rectangle space, but in mine, I get the following… I had this issue before. WHY AM I GETTING SO MANY INCONSISTANCIES!!!

In the video, this green background square fills the entire White area… I tried over and over repeatedly following the video in 1/4 speed, I just don’t see what I’m missing.

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You’ve got to set the constraints after you add the graphics and then it will fill the space.

And just some advice. Part of learning to code is in making mistakes and languishing over them as you try to solve whatever error there may be, and all the while experimenting along the way. It’s easy to sit in thought for a few hours trying to solve a simple logic error. It is most certainly frustrating and can be insanely maddening at times. The reward and satisfaction comes in solving the problem or issue. It’s a challenge. It sounds like you are a rank beginner, so give yourself some time to learn. Coding is not easy at all. Do keep going back and starting from scratch and try not to reference the video. That is how you will learn. Chris’ videos are very well done. There’s no problem with the demonstrations in the videos. Dig up some other graphics and try to incorporate your own custom images into the wargame app. that will give you some practice in setting the constraints and all that and learning what you have to do in order for your images to display how you want them.