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Submitting App to the App Store


When I tried to submit my App to the App Store I found out many issues:

  1. How to get policy privacy URL of the app the easiest way?
  2. How to specify the base app category?
  3. What to specify in information about privacy policy when I submit my app to the App Store?
  4. How to choose the frequency of appearance in settings?
  5. How to specify the information about the rights to published materials?

That’s the problems not connected with the programming but I need to know all of this for submitting my app to the App Store.

Have a look at this video on what you need to know prior to submitting an App.

For privacy policy, just create a GitHub repo, and make a README.md file, and link to that repo!

That’s what I do and it’s been fine:

Is it necessary to write something there or I can use the link of my Facebook page without implementing there any privacy policy texts?
And what do I need to do for the privacy policy?