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[Suggest] Make course video player larger


I hope there is a way to enlarge the video player size of the course video.

Current video player is too small, it is like 50% of my little macbook screen size, and when I enlarge the browser size, the video player doesn’t enlarge.

If i use full screen, I can not follow the video to code or take note at the same time.

My current solution is to use my iPad to play the video, and macbook to code

Hello @enzokwan

I’m not sure if we can change the dimensions of the video player from the course host. I’ll take a look.

In a browser, you can use the CMD and + or - to change the zoom level of a page, that could be a little “hack” to change the video player size.

Now, all the videos are edited in 4K for people to be able to enjoy them on full screen. I know you are taking notes on the side and coding too so I would suggest setting Notes/Xcode in full screen as well and use the 3 or 4 finger swipe gesture on the trackpad to move between windows. It’s very efficient.
This is how I used to learn iOS and also how I follow photoshop tutorials on youtube now.

Other solutions can be to AirDrop the video to an Apple TV if you have one or even plug a second screen to your Macbook. I do use a Macbook Pro too to edit all the content of CodeWithChris and I currently have a 3 monitor setup.

Also, you mentioned you have an iPad, take a look at SideCar

EDIT: Please let us know what screen resolution your MacBook is. If you have a 12 or 13, yes, I would recommend getting a second display. You’ll thanks me later. It’s a world of a difference.

EDIT2: I will also add what I used to recommend to people in the YouTube comment section. First, watch a video with 100% of your attention to the video, do NOT code. Take a break, go for a walk, have a snack.
Watch the video a second time and try to follow with the code on your own computer. Even if you don’t write the whole code, some snippet or pieces of code to practice its behavior. Take a break
Watch a third time and go full on coding to complete the whole project.
(You could even give it a 4th attempt by coding before watching the video again)

EDIT3: Use Google Chrome to view our course and download Google’s Picture in Picture Plugin to be able to have a floating video. (Thanks @mikaelacaron for that recommendation)

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Thank you ! Chrome CMD + works perfect

Yes I have a second monitor and sometimes use side car, but still had to full screen one of my monitor.

The Chrome zoom feature solved the issue, thanks